Tag: Science

Hassan Ahmad

Warnings from Heaven

We see in the world that, whenever warners came, there were the people who believed in them and then there were those who rejected them.

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Ehtesham ul Islam

Beyond Earth

It is like life to explore and occupy every niche it can. Whether it was for survival or just general curiosity, our nomadic ancestors did

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Zafir Mahmood Malik

Disadvantages of Alcohol

Since man fermented the first beverage some 10,000 years ago, his fascination with this mystical drink has never diminished. In almost every society and every

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Maaz Ahmad

Advancements in Technology

Humans have always desired to be social, from communicating via
pigeons to reaching the corners of the globe within milliseconds,
with each innovation leading to another, we never settle with what
we have.

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Arsalan Ijaz

Aristotle: the Philosopher

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” Aristotle Stagiritis It is hard not to mention Aristotle when we talk about Greek philosophy. He

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