Sabahuddin Aleem

Division in the Muslim World

“Internally weak, relatively backward, frustrated, conflict-ridden, suffering from internal tensions, and often controlled & abused by the foreign powers, the Muslim world is in state

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Hassan Ahmad

Warnings from Heaven

We see in the world that, whenever warners came, there were the people who believed in them and then there were those who rejected them.

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You may know it as the student’s curse or the thief of time, but the fact of the matter is that 95% of us have been guilty of it.


Akkash Ahmed

The Power of Will

We come across many difficult tasks within our lives, but can will-power be a main driving force which leads one to reach ultimate success?

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Aleem Zia

Comparatives of Interest

Many people of the world base their lives around chasing money, not thinking twice about the method they use to make money. But what does Islam say about making money with no effort, i.e. interest.

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Daanish Khurram

The History Of Slavery

Slavery – a word which is not only connected to a specific nation at a specific time in history, it is a word which has

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Arsalan Ijaz

Aristotle: the Philosopher

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” Aristotle Stagiritis It is hard not to mention Aristotle when we talk about Greek philosophy. He

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Samar Shaikh

The Search for God

Is there a God? To some people, the affirmative answer is the only one there can be, while to others belief is no more than

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Nuclear Warfare In The Quran And Its Grim Effects

Instead of cooperating towards a collective and compete global disarmament of these weapons, research had gone forward to create ever more sophisticated and powerful nuclear missiles, designed to destroy at an unprecedented scale.

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Hazeem Arif

Poem: The Light of Khilafat

A vast shadow envelopes all land and sea,Cast by a wall of a prodigious greed. For many, this darkness is the light of their heartsBut

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Hazeem Arif

DNA God’s Pure Canvas

Allah has created DNA, which is the primary source of many of the
physical features, that we can observe the effects of today.

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Azhar Ahmad

The Refutation of Atheism

Over the past several years there has been a growing trend, people defining themselves as atheists. Here in the UK, the population of atheists is

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Jamia Ahmadiyya UK

In the current day and age, Islam is perhaps the most misunderstood religion. The media has led the general public to believe that the religion, whose very name means ‘peace’, encourages extremism. In these daunting times it is the mission of Jamia Ahmadiyya to produce such scholars who not only counteract these false notions but present the true teachings of Islam to the world, without discrimination. The job of these scholars is to win the hearts of people through presenting Islam in its purest form as taught by the Holy Prophet of Islam saabbreviation for “Peace be upon him”.